Monday, June 29, 2009

Digital media on my Palm

Few years back my sister sent thru snail mail a handy reference book which after continuous usage some pages just peeled off from the bind. At some point I would misplace the copy when needed that I took myself to task, OCR-scanned the pages and saved into a text file.
Using the digitizing program Dropbook, I was able to convert the file into a fresh ebook complete with notes and page numbering system.
The digital copy now resides on my Palm handheld. Then I added more ebooks– novels and info-reference stuff, including a Thesaurus sourced from the online store of eReader, now a division of Barnes & Noble. Later I expanded the memory capacity to accomodate more ebooks and digital home family videos and music.
Once in a while I would visit sites offering free ebooks. One of my favorite is that of Project Gutenberg that aim to digitally preserve documents, some rare and historical, for the generations to come. Project Gutenberg welcome volunteers to proofread ebooks in the process.
PG is teaming up as a contributing organization with other like-minded group in launching the 4th Annual World eBook Fair which begins July 4th and ends August 4th this year. The fair aims to provide free public access for a month to over 2 million eBooks titles led by the World Public Library Association. See you online, and by the way do drop some donations.

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