Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Messing my Desktop

Good to have my HP Pavilion media center TV PC again after a lull of more than one week. Actually I messed up the computer by merely opening the case and taking out dust within. Should have used that compressed air canister. I was prompted at opening the desktop due to the noise emanating from the inside which noticeably vanished when dust was removed. But I may have moved something, next time I booted the computer, a smoke and burnt odor came out from the inside. Then it just conked out; it would not power up.
I referred to the knowledge base of HP (using the Sony Viao PC), which routed me to an online tech-help, an operator halfway across the globe, in a call center in India. After zeroing on the cause of the malfunction (which I very well know), I ordered a new power supply. An “HP” supervisor called to finally confirm the order and assured it would be processed within three to four days, which stretched to over a week.
This afternoon, arriving home from work, I found a package by the doorstep. My new power supply!
I went to work immediately and replaced the burnt part. Such a difficult task for a non-tech person. It took me some time figuring out how to unplug and attach the right cables with the very tight architecture of the motherboard. This experience will not stop me from tinkering the desktop, though. And I saved some bucks had I called a geek team that charges an hourly rate (Note: Power supply part is that piece with a yellow sticker).


  1. Danton, it's a good thing you know what to do. I know I'll need to call a geek.

  2. Irene, I was changing the power supply while referring to the online HP knowledge base (using another computer). Kind of learning experience.


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