Monday, July 20, 2009

Personal Theme Day: Potted Green Lima Beans

Green lima beans for its leaves and pod, but the beans inside the pod should come out white, though.
At the onset of spring, I test planted two lima bean seeds, the packet says “Beans, Lima- Fordhook Bush #22,” on a pottted soil. Now I have these not so green-leafedf lima, but was really expecting that it was a “climber.” Plant growth is quite slow and stunted, somehow unhealthy looking, was expecting the leaves should be more green than yellowish, anyhow, the flowers start coming out with some pods now with a promise of a limited, if not dainty harvest. I should have mixed ground soil on the potting soil to make the mix better. Texture of the potting soil alone if left unwatered for a day looks dry and barren. Could it be the cause of the plants’ stunted growth plus the fact the roots can not spread and cover enough space underneath? Yesterday, I transferred the plants on the ground.
Anyhow, I planted more seeds of what was left of the packet on the ground to check if it is better planting lima on the ground than potted. I checked today and the plants have sprouted, the cotyledons are now reaching out for the sun's rays. Will post an update later.

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