Monday, July 13, 2009

Personal Theme Day: Potted Green Onions

I did some recycling here, actually it was more of re-growing thing. Each time a bundle of green onion comes fresh from the market everything is consumed of the tuber from tip of the leaf to the small bulb that comes with the stem. So I just cut off the leaves, kept it in the crisper for future use and the remaining short lower portion of the tuber devoid of roots I stick on a prepared pot of ground soil mixed with potting soil from a local outlet. So far, every time we need some of the onion leaves, we’ll just head off to the backyard and harvest some without plucking the plant off the soil. We’ve been doing that close to a year now. Few months ago, the plants had their first spring, some green and white flowers burst from a few of them only to find out that tiny seeds developed and start a new generation of tiny onions.

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