Sunday, July 5, 2009

Plants on a Tire

Some catchy title, but no, just placed the potted plants inside the tire “hole” after having watered the backyard. I was testing the photo capability of my phone sans no aid of focus and good light. Past pics here, including this one, unless stated otherwise, were taken using a Palm Centro only.
I used to have a Canon powershot S400 until it got dropped on the floor, would not record on the memory card anymore. (Can I get it repaired? Is the cost of repair worth it?) The replacement was a Canon digital Elph 750, borrowed by my daughter right now on vacation overseas. Still have to test a new unopened Nikon coolpix S220, a birthday gift (this July 28) for another daughter.
Was thinking of a "cheapest” SLR but the thought of using one, kind of intimidate me, I’m not into serious photography so I settled for a new Sony handycam HDR-CX100 capable of HD video and a 4-megapixel still photo, which is for me, quite a good trade off.
Yesterday, took some stills but currently figuring out how to transfer the images that resides on the hardware’s internal flash memory into the removable eight gig memory stick pro duo without the necessity of installing the accompanying program Picture Motion Browser into my computer. Already I have one that takes charge of converting all photos and home videos into either a slide show or home movie in somewhat professional presentation DVD format. (Will discuss this on a forthcoming blog.) Also, I don’t want to cram programs any more than is necessary into my main multi media computer.
The HD cam is a replacement of an old reliable, heavy weight, but am still using, digital 8 Sony DCR- TRV330, my second. The first was a JVC.
I have no idea on the plant specie(s)/ name, got any? Will check it out later. By the way, the one with flowers I just stick the stem my wife brought home from office one afternoon and let it grow that way up to now. Click on the picture for a larger image.

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  1. I love ivy geraniums, and that is a nice colored one.


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