Saturday, July 11, 2009

Waiting for Shoppers

Thursday evening was a short drive to the Anaheim Garden Walk, our first in the place now frequented by shoppers this side of Orange county. The huge complex is host to shops, restaurants, health spa, fitness center, etc. It has an Imax theater along with regular cinemas; and the place is still in expansion mood. On the second level, two movie screens mounted overhead, outside by the promenade, continuously show previews of current and upcoming attractions.
In one of the sitting corners, we spotted these figures that attract attention from enthusiasts. Had to wait for some time before we can get a private moment for a photo shoot, albeit in a rush. Was not able to identify the master artist of the sitting figures, and next time I will take note of that, if there is one.
By 9:25PM the music pervading about the mall was joined by the sound of the Phantasmic fireworks, obviously at the Rivers of America, yes, where the Mark Twain steamboat rolls off nearby Disneyland.

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  1. They are very nice. I read a novel with Orange county in it. Will have to remember which one, then I can put what I know of it with your photos etc. to learn more about it.


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