Monday, August 17, 2009

Personal Theme Day: Green for Okra

Quite a frustration because I planted the okra seeds on the small containers with potting soil with the intention of transferring the plants when ready. But then, I let it grow for weeks on the small prep pots that now the plants look pale, dehydrated and no promise of being ”fruitful.” Check out the small “fruits” peeking at the top of the vege plants. Already, I have planted the remaining seeds directly on the ground. Will post update on this later.


  1. Our first okras were up then they died. I have been meaning to try again. Not sure about our growing conditions, perhaps they are simialar to yours. Do you plant them when you plant tomatoes for instance?

  2. Linda,

    Thanks for the visit.

    The grape tomatoes I planted last December are still bearing fruits as of this writing. I tried both okra and bush lima beans on pots early this year which were a disappointment. Then planted new seeds on the backyard, in the company of the tomatoes. So far the lima beans redeemed my frustration, but then again, the okras are just a foot high.


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