Sunday, August 9, 2009

Making Memories at the Park

On this our particular visit to the Shoreline Park, my camera followed the happy crowd with a newly wed couple, I presumed, and their entourage making a shoot, perhaps to be added to their mementos in the form of photos and videos.
They were oblivious to the prying eyes of visitors staring and wondering at their evident happy aura. They walked on the pavement, on the grass, with their shoes, without their shoes, in pairs, in group, just enjoying their moments. May they enjoy a long wedded bliss. Who knows, one day they would come back and bring with them bundles of joy tumbling around enjoying the park like they did now.


  1. What a terrific place to walk! Amazing area with that huge liner in the background.
    They are so beautifully adorned with the wedding garments and so very happy...
    you could not have said it any better in your post today...



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