Saturday, August 29, 2009


I belong to the crowd who haven’t been completely waned from the mailbox. Now and then would receive cards from relatives but get a steady flow of bills and unsolicited junks.
Lately, I started paying some online as epay is ecofriendly; in the long run will free me from the junks and papers to file and keep track. Think of the sizeable volume of paper waste reduction that lies ahead and trees saved. Another plus factor is the amount saved for cost of stamps.
Would one day a mailbox become extinct and simply adorn gardens instead to remind us of its defunct usefulness? And then (sic) refer to it as the good old mailbox?


  1. Even mailboxes are going green.

  2. Still resist paying online. But one of my credit cards no longer mail out statements, have to check it online...still getting used to it.


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