Monday, August 31, 2009

The Neighborhood Library

A visit to the neighborhood public library, part of the Long Beach public library system, gives us a glimpse of the role it plays in the community. It has consistently given an excellent service to both students and locals. Patrons can browse the internet for there is sufficient number of desktops for web surfing, but on a limited time of usage though.
Of the twelve neighborhood libraries distributed strategically about the city, including the main located at downtown, five have wireless network connectivity so visitors can surf the net using their personal notebooks or laptops. So cool.
I do borrow books a lot and so with some members of the family. There’s plenty of  manga  books which are my daughter’s favorite this past summer vacation. The system also lend books for take out as well as DVD movies but with a minimal charge. And the staff are as helpful as ever I had proven it many times.


  1. Manga sounds interesting. I typed it into our library, got three pages but have no idea what I am looking at. Will ask my son when he gets home, at least he may be able to sort out the list for me to see if there is anything they like there.

  2. Library has always been a exiting place for me. The variety of books one have access to it is amazing. To have one in the neighborhood itself is best thing.


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