Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Off with the Landline Phone

Just disconnected our landline recently, not because we are going somewhere else or we have no use for a telephone, it’s because we want to cut on some financial expense, the phone included.
Everyone in the family carries a cellphone with unlimited text messaging plan; family members and other mobile phone users with the same carrier as ours we talk /chat with for unlimited time of any day of the week and without getting over and beyond the limit of our plan. And we access Yahoo messenger as part of the plan package.
So what’s the landline for?
To receive and record calls of telemarketers calling anytime of day peddling wares, services and plans, etc. And us have to delete all the garbage messages saved at the end of the day which to our personal opinion adds task uncalled for. Now we tucked the good old landline phone in the garage in a box and go on with life, free again from answering uncalled for rings, until the telemarketers find my cell number which should not be long from now.

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  1. Yes, I have a survey person today ringing. I have been practising politely declining.

    A big day, I hope it turns out to be very positive and a move forward.


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