Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Wrong With My Cable?

In anticipation of the transition from analog to digital TV, I added a standard cable box in one room and upgraded to HD the family room’s.
Long ago, we would not be needing cable to provide us a daily fare of infotainment (information-entertainment) from boob tube (a mocking reference to old TV sets prior to the flat screens that we have now); just plain antenna positioned on the roof top or wherever so the pronged aluminum contraptions can grasp signal of frequency modulated broadcasts from local TV stations.
Anyway, the upgrade went well for sometime until last Friday evening the HD receiver just won’t receive the remote signal. On Saturday, I dialed the cable’s 1-800 number- a labyrinth of machine-recorded messages I have to pick a choice one at a time. Is it a ploy so that if I am short of patience would just hang the phone and let it go? But anyway, I went through all those choices and was able to talk to a live person in the company’s St. Louis office. He scheduled a dispatch for the nearest crew in our place and that should happen the next day though. So meantime, I have no TV. True enough on Sunday just after the hour of one, the cable guy came and replaced the HD box with a refurbished unit, and voila, I could watch TV again.
Technology has virtually made us dependent on the all important 1-800 number and the cable guy. Indeed!

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  1. I could identify with that, Danton. I was also having pixellated images until I called the cable technician who then replaced with an upgraded cable box for free. The old one isn't working properly due to wear and tear. Happy with the prompt service and shouldn't have spent 2 weeks wondering if the TV is going bonkers.


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